Friday, April 22, 2011

Yay Earth Day!

Sadly in the past week or so I've been bad, and that's where the Shades of green come in.
I got a Perm,
threw a birthday party (I did have SOME re-useable plates and glasses available)
and due to being sick, have wasted water on at least two luxurious hot baths

On the positive side,  my sister and I introduced my mom and dad to Park + Vine today, and I got some 100% recyclable tissues (yay, however it still is a shade, as hankerchiefs would technically be better)

We are still working on getting things together for the garden, some seeds need to be re-started, and seedlings need to be seperated.  Above all, the swingset needs to come down so that we can prepare the area.

Looking forward to shading more twoards green in the next year!

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