Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy being green?

I ran across this article and don't completely agree with what it is saying.

The article basically states people who go green, by doing things like eating organic food, biking or walking places, turning off lights when leaving the room were overall happier than those who did not.  My first thought is – hey cool! I then step back, remember my college   – high school education  common sense.Correlation does not equal causality.  Just because action a and action b are related does not mean that action a is the reason for action b.

Ok great people who are environmentally conscious in studies appear to be happier than those who aren’t.  Could it be that they also have a different outlook on life to begin with?  Or sure some of those things can raise your happiness level.  Eating healthy and exercising are good things for your body and your body will respond in kind – with more energy.  So in this case it’s taking care of yourself that makes you happy, not going ‘green’.

Also how does one measure happiness?

I in no way mean to discourage doing things environmentally friendly, but I do balk at the idea that going green in and of itself will make you happy. I mean listen to Kermit.  It’s not easy being green ;)

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