Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catch 22?

Every year on earth day, or arbor day we are encouraged to plant trees. Green-scaping and green roofs are an innovative and exciting trend that I've seen while stumbling around the internet. 

Something I saw today however may give that pause. This Article seems to believe that trees/vegitation may be  acting as conductors for carbon into the ground, and that the soil is releasing the additional carbon thus making it a recursive cycle.

The main issue I have with the article is that it presents this idea, and then concludes that there are many factors which play into it and scientists still arn't sure how it works, or if this is the case.

My question, are green things acting as filters? or conductors? and even if they are just exacerbating the situation, wouldn't taking more away - since deforestation is seen as a cause for issues- only make matters even worse?

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