Sunday, March 20, 2011

on Green it Yourself segments

Ok these sets of videos kinda annoy me.  So their tips for Green it yourself is replace the everything in the family room, well maybe not the furniture, cause that can be re-used.

Re-paint, at least one wall with the whiteboard wall paint (uber cool: yes, necessary: no)
Replace your carpet with sustainable wooden flooring maybe with an area rug.
several issues here:  not everyone is dealing with allergy issues, although I can appreciate the VOC's that are supposedly  Have you looked at the prices of flooring recently? If you add in the eco-freindly wood/material, often you double the price.  We're getting some interesting Mohawk Smartstrand installed in our house, in a planned re-carepeting. Cool indeed! Price-wise, however, we were only really able to do this due to a couple of deals that were happening and a mislabeled price in the show room. Else, all the environmentally friendly carpeting/flooring would have been placed out of our range.
The site's advice for air purification was to remove all possible allergens. (the carpet, and the furniture etc.)
No mention of mitigating factors. No verbal mention was made that many house plants improve air quality and act as filters.   The end of the segment, however,  had the host, sitting in a completely cleared room surrounded by houseplants.
Not that these things aren’t worth considering if you are planning on re-doing the room. I guess as well in a DIY for a room you are talking about an entire room, it just seems to me a little all or nothing.  Not much room for varying shades.

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