Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unfriendly Felines

We’ve recently had an issue with our two cats using unconventional relief facilities. – They’ve been peeing in my laundry; the brats.
 After finding out that it was not just the more cantankerous of our two cats acting out, but our more easy going cat as well (whom we caught in the act!), we started thinking of other causes.  My husband came to the conclusion that it is the litter.  What we are currently using isn’t clumping correctly. It’s too hard, and spreads out too far.  The cats can’t dig down the way they want to, and thus are displeased with us and finding more suitable facilities. 
            So this is now the second eco friendly litter that the cats have unanimously nixed.  We tried Yesterday’s News when we got the younger cat spayed and de-clawed.  They didn’t seem too pleased with it, and we weren’t terribly pleased with clean up.  This current attempt was a scooping clay litter from Cat Magic. The company replaces the topsoil and then re-seeds the area where they pulled up the clay from .   Still no go, the cats didn’t like it. I caved, I purchased another bin of Tidy Cat. 
            With the previous two failures I’m hesitant to attempt the wheat or pine based litters.  What do you do when your cats tell you, “Sorry, we don’t want to go green?” 

In today's search I also found this site that may potentially be helpful in the future. . . if the cats agree. 

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